Low Mileage 1992 Mini Moke For Sale

1992 Mini Moke 1000cc for sale in great condition, left-hand drive, and only 51 genuine miles (83km) on the clock. Outstanding example at a great price.

For Sale 1992 Mini Moke

Clydesdale Classic Cars are proud to offer for sale on behalf of its current private collector owner, this wonderful very low mileage and low owner 1992 Mini Moke (Cagiva).

This car is a left-hand drive, however, these cars are quite straightforward to convert to right-hand drive and we (Clydesdale Classic Cars) can convert it if the new owner requires it.

This 1992 Mini Moke has been recommissioned already, so the new owner can jump in and enjoy it, ready for the summer.

UK Registered – all duties have been paid and all paperwork is present. Owners/Drivers Handbook – In Italian and Moke ‘Passport To Service’. The car comes complete with invoices for works carried out.

Everything in the car works, it runs and drives fantastic, just drive and enjoy this beautiful piece of automobile history, full of character.

1992 Mini Moke For Sale

The Mini Moke: A Brief History

The Mini Moke is a small, practical vehicle with a fascinating history that dates to the 1960s. Initially designed by the British Motor Corporation (BMC), the Mini Moke was intended for military use but eventually found its niche in the civilian market. It enjoyed success and popularity, particularly in the tourist and rental car industries. This brief history highlights the key moments in the development, production, and legacy of the Mini Moke.

Origins and Design (1959-1962)

The Mini Moke’s story begins in 1959 with Sir Alec Issigonis, the chief engineer at BMC and the man behind the iconic Mini. Issigonis was tasked with designing a lightweight, air-transportable vehicle for the British Army. The name “Moke” is derived from the British slang term “moke,” which refers to a donkey, reflecting the vehicle’s humble and valuable purpose.

The Mini Moke was based on Mini’s chassis and drivetrain, and its design emphasised simplicity and functionality. It featured a boxy, open-top body with fold-down windshields, removable canvas roofs, and easily detachable doors. Despite its military aspirations, the Mini Moke lacked certain features, like ground clearance and four-wheel drive, that limited its off-road capabilities.

Military Rejection and Civilian Adoption (1963-1964)

In 1963, the British Army tested the Mini Moke but ultimately rejected it due to its limited off-road performance. Undeterred, BMC decided to pivot and market the vehicle to civilians. The first civilian Mini Mokes were produced in 1964, and they quickly became popular as beach cars, particularly in sunny coastal regions like the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and Australia.

Production and Variants (1964-1993)

The Mini Moke was manufactured in the United Kingdom from 1964 to 1968. As production costs rose, BMC transferred manufacturing to Australia in 1966, continuing until 1981. During this time, Australian Mokes were made with larger engines, improved ground clearance, and a four-wheel drive version called the “Moke Californian.”

In 1980, production moved to Portugal, where it continued until 1993. The Portuguese Mokes featured a few design changes, including square headlamps, larger bumpers, and plastic wheel arches. Throughout its production run, the Mini Moke was also available in various special editions, such as the “Moke 25” and the “Moke Royale.”

Cult Status and Legacy

The Mini Moke gained a cult following due to its unique design and appearance in popular culture. It was featured in the classic 1960s television series “The Prisoner” and several James Bond films, including “You Only Live Twice” and “Live and Let Die.”

Today, the Mini Moke enjoys a dedicated fan base, with enthusiasts restoring and preserving these charming vehicles. In 2017, a French company called Moke International revived the brand and started producing electric versions of the Moke, known as the eMoke, blending classic design with modern technology.

In conclusion, the Mini Moke has a rich history that spans military aspirations, civilian success, and cult status. Its simple design, practical nature, and pop culture appearances have cemented the Mini Moke as a beloved piece of automotive history.

Vehicle History & Information

This 1992 Mini Moke runs beautifully; this vehicle has never been in the rain. The coachwork is finished in White with White/Green Trim.

The white hood is just as good as the rest of the vehicle, fitting well, as easy to use, and weathertight as any Mini Moke roof we’ve seen. The plastic windows are in good shape too.

The engine starts, revs and runs as it should, the clutch is good, and the gearbox is smooth through every gear. This is the best Mini Moke we have seen in a very long time, and I am sure the new owner will be delighted with their purchase.

Vehicle Specification

  • Year: 1992
  • Mileage: 51 Miles (83 KM)
  • Manufacturer: Cagiva
  • Model: Moke
  • Body Type: Convertible
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Engine Size: 998 cc
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Doors: N/A
  • Country of Manufacture: Portugal
  • Colour: White
  • Drive Side: Left-hand drive
  • Date of First Registration: 1992
  • V5 Registration Document: Present

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